Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First off, I want to apologize for my lack of posting these past couple of weeks. I have been dealing with the new circumstances in my life + never seemed to find the time for blogging-- although you would think I would have so much extra time on my hands, huh?

Secondly, I want to thank you all so much for your kind words of encouragement, thoughts + prayers. I appreciate it so very much. I'm honestly not sure that I would doing as good as I am today without my amazing support system of friends+family.

In the grand scheme of things that I have going on in my life today, losing my job means next to nothing. Of course I would like to find another job so that we can keep our house and lifestyle choices, but even if we didn't, it wouldn't be the end of the world. But I am going to try.

To be honest though, I haven't been trying very hard as of yet. Last week I spent several days hibernating in our house, barely even getting out of bed, and basically feeling sorry for myself. But then it came time to take care of some business-- cleaning out my cubicle, and taking care of company property and whatnot. Luckily, we set a time for myself and my other co-workers that were let go, to go down at night and do this together. It was much more emotional than I would have thought... so we went and had some beers afterward and talked about how we were feeling, what we were doing and it made me feel so much better to realize I wasn't alone. So the next day, Thursday, we met at our former bosses house, who was let go as well, had some margaritas and did some more talking. This is where my crazy weekend began. {I think}. I had at least 5 margaritas and some beers to top it off. {I do believe that alcohol therapy is part of job loss recovery. Obviously.} My parents live next door so I walked over there and had some wine with my mom. Then Brian picked me up and we went to Aaron+Kathy's for the Office and I was pretty much done.

Friday night some good friends were in town, Clint+Brie & Tiff+Geo, so we all got together at Aaron+Kathy's place and had a great night just chit chatting and drinking. We crashed at their place + spent all day Saturday running errands, before we had to head back home and get ready for Saturday night- Stacey + Caitlin's birthday parties, respectively. We started at a private bowling party for Stacey that was a blast {husband is so hot when he bowls} and then some bar hopping after that which ended us up at Caitlin's b-day bash. It was a great night.

Overall, I think that being surrounded by so many friends who love me, and of course the alcohol helped too, I was just able to get it all out. All of my frustration, sadness, anger, confusion... I just let it all out. I was feeling good on Sunday {besides the hangover of course}. It still sucks that I lost my job, obviously, but I am thankful to have the severance that I do and the time to really figure things out. I am grateful that my husband and I are healthy because with everything going on around me, it forces you to realize that this isn't a given even though we are young. It is a blessing.

And with that being said, I am grateful that I have free time now that I was able to spend Monday+Tuesday with Jennifer, which I otherwise would not have been able to do. She popped by out of the blue on Monday and I was so glad to be able to spend my day with her. And as luck would have it, my lovely Katie was also in town and so we had a wonderful afternoon chatting and getting things out that made us all feel better. And of course we stopped down and visited with Andrew+Brodster too. =] And on Tuesday, I was able to go dress shopping with Jennifer and be there for her. And I'm now beginning to see that maybe this did all happen for a reason, because already I am getting to do so many important things and be there for other people.... I'm wondering what will be next? And for me to say 'maybe this all happened for a reason' is huge for me... if you know me in real life, you know this. I hate that saying. I think it's a cop-out and used when people just don't know what to say about a bad situation, but I think it just might be the case here.

Anyway... enough about that. My goal for this week was to get my resume in order and maybe even get it out a couple of places... so far I am slacking, but for good reason. There is no better reason than getting to be there for your friends. But I'm going to get going on the job front today. If I at least have my resume up to date and have it sent out to some places, I won't feel guilty about spending my time doing other things. So far on my list....

> paint accent wall + trimwork in living room.
> quality time with G-man.
> take G for a walk everyday.
> exercise more in general.
> signed up for some volunteer work with husband.
> reading lots+lots of books.
> learn to knit.
> spend more time with my sisters.
> some work outside as the weather gets warmer.
> make real dinners {most of the time anyway}.
> re-organize the basement/garage.
> take more photos.
> lots of other little projects around the house.
> + hopefully lots of fun things outside when it gets a bit warmer.

Stay tuned for some more updates... including pictures, my Twilight-filled weekend, + some things that I've been really loving recently. Hopefully I'll be back on track soon!

{pretty, pretty bird hanging out in my backyard}.

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kari said...

Hey girl, I've been thinking about ya. I was laid off from my job in January and I decided to take this time for myself, kind of like you are doing. I made a list of things I want to accomplish with this new found me time and I have to tell you, I've never been so happy.

It's been good for my marriage, my friendships, family time. I can't believe that I was happy before because now I am experiencing true happiness because I'm taking care of myself.

Hang in there and I'm praying for you.

Julia Goolia said...

I was just thinking about you wondering how you were. Glad you are looking at the positives to this and I know you'll pull through.

leah @maritalbless said...

It's so true on that saying. I'm glad that you're feeling the positives so much more than the negatives right now, a few good bottles of wine will do that. :)