weekend agenda.

Friday, January 23, 2009


At last, the weekend is here my friends. This means I can....

hang out with the regular crew {because we love you}; consume leftover pad thai & tequila {pretty good mix, don't ya think?}; work on our major house re-organization; watch entourage season 2 on dvd; in my pajamas; attend scooter's surprise birthday extravaganza; undeniably endure more intoxication; recover; go grocery shopping; :: this one's a secret{!} ::; go back to said amazing used book store with hollie; download more songs off of my almost-unattainable list; watch this; do laundry {only if I have to}; anxiously await my packages; hang up the new masterpiece in the kitchen; and I get to do all of these things with my adorable husband. I think that is all.

Oh, and relax.

{pretty picture via a cup of jo.}

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leah @maritalbless said...

You lost me after pad thai and tequila. I didn't think I could handle to read anymore if it resulted in more jealousy. :)

Chelsea said...

Haha! You would be proud to know that I downed both like a champ! Ate the leftover pad thai after work and consumed about a third of a bottle of tequila after that- even with several beers mixed in there too. I can't believe that I actually am functioning today! :) I think thai and tequila is a good mix!!!

Unknown said...

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Happy Monday!