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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One word to sum up last night's One Tree Hill..... adorable. I love, love, loved it! So fun and light-hearted, although plenty still going on. This is my favorite episode in quite some time... I was just smiling the entire time due to it's cuteness. Let me explain....

How cute was Peyton checking out her belly {all the more hilarious when it turned out to be a deflated Ravens basketball}....

It hardly qualifies as a problem at all, but I do feel bad that she will be pregnant on their wedding day. But duh- so worth it!

I really loved Julian, Brooke & Sam at the beginning. They just work together... And of course Sam's comments were hilarious.
Awwwww.... some much-loved Naley love. SO CUTE:
Absolutely hilarious when Peyton told Brooke. I was laughing so hard.
And I hate to say it, but I am kind of over the Mouth/Millie drama. She cheated, let's move on. As much as I love them together, I can't say I blame Mouth for telling her to take the NY job. I still think they will work it out though. Eventually.

Ahhhh... my sweet Chase. I love him {don't worry Nathan- you're still my boy.}

And I really love him with Mia! Such a cute scene...
Baby Brooke!! I was hoping it would make a reappearance for Baby Leyton:
This was very awkward, when Sam told Julian about Peyton's pregnancy. But I am glad that he knows. However, did everyone catch that comment about "certain histories"?? Yeah... I did.

Felt so bad for Brooke and Millie when Millie told her about sleeping with Owen. But Brooke's my girl and I knew she would forgive her. She knows where her true heart lies.

The scene with Brooke and Mouth was wonderful. And quite hilarious as they threw darts at Owen. They have such a good friendship; always have.

THIS was so funny!! I loved seeing Haley & Lucas share the pregnancy news together, but her leaving the kids with him was just so hilarious. "Nathan gave them some cake so they might be a little wired... bye!"

Cuties!! And the 'sleeping on the floor' line again. I love it when they bring up old stuff...
All of the babysitting stuff was just freaking adorable...

But the double-date was SO AWESOME!!!! Haley looked fricken smokin' in that dress by the way! I want it!!

This was the perfect scene. Loved every second of it.

And now getting to the good stuff. When Nathan dances, I loose it. He is so awkward and hilarious it makes me love him even more. But add singing to that dancing... by far the cutest scene in a long time. I was dying laughing and loving every second of it!!

Especially when they cut to the boys karaoke too!!!

I had to throw this in because it makes me so happy:
And this was just perfect. Haley grabbing her lip gloss out of her cleavage and Mia telling the married couple to split so she could be alone with Chase. Loving it even more...

And it got even better with Nathan's Chris Keller line!! "If she meets anyone named Chris Keller, punch first- question later." Hahaha. Soooo cute....
On Jack & Samantha... I do feel very sorry for Jack, but I am a little uninterested. The hand holding thing was cute, but I'm not sure why they are focusing on him so much...

Lucas and Peyton were just adorable with the kids and how exhausting it was. I thought it was the perfect time for a babysitting night!

And the walky-talky's were just perfection. "Your uncle Lucas & aunt Peyton are so cool!"
And can you even stand it..... more hilariousness! Brooke--- 'and wine says.... do me!' haha!

And of course in walks Julian with the wine. I thought they did this scene so well. It was awkward because they didn't want to mess anything up, but they both wanted each other so badly. It was really sweet. And the KISS.....
Looks like things get pretty heated by next week's previews. :)

And some more action... the Chase/Mia kiss was adorable! 'I should have kissed you, right?'

But they saved the best for last. This entire scene is one of my all-time OTH favorites...

Jamie opening the door and saying they put them down about an hour ago.... priceless!!!
And it gets even better.... 'Lucas, wake up.' haha!

I won't recap the entire convo even though I want to. But basically I'm happy for you, I love you, we'll both be here for you guys, and Peyton is going to be a supermom. LOVE.
'Just playing walky talky's with my brother.' SO CUTE!

And of course... 'Night Daddy. Over & Out.'

Ahhhh... sweet perfection.

So yeah, sorry I got a little carried away with the CUTES, and the SWEETS, and the I LOVE ITS; but this episode was- like I said- ADORABLE. I absolutely loved every second of it and think it was very much needed after this hectic season. So much love.

And in case you didn't know, last night's episode was also the first that was directed by none other than Chad Michael Murray. Well- he's got my vote obviously!! There were several times that I could tell the shots and angels were different- the slow motion dancing and the shots from straight above of them laying on the bed-- little touches that a normal person probably wouldn't even notice- well leave it to me! haha. So anyway, props to CMM because he directed a completely amazing episode!! One that I will definitely be watching again before next week just so I can spend an entire hour smiling. :)
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Mrs.HVK said...

Once again your recap rocks! Thanks

Lynsey T said...

LOVED this episode. It was so happy and light hearted yet still full of drama. I adore this show. I missed the sleeping on the floor reference...what was that??

Chelsea said...

I'm so glad you all enjoy my recaps as I enjoy recapping! :)

Lynsey- when Lucas walked into his bedroom and the boys were jumping on his bed- he said the same line that his mom said to him, and that haley has said to jamie a few times, 'if you break that boxspring so help me you will be sleeping on the floor for the rest of your life.' :) i just love it when they reference past seasons- same with the chris keller line!

Windy City Kelley's said...

I just recently saw your blog and I hope it's OK that I'm commenting, but I had to because:

I too love Twilight, One Tree Hill, and sadly most of my money has gone to beer consumption. My husband and I are about a year ahead of you and got married in september of 2006.

It's a great blog and hopefully you can visit mine too soon :)

Chelsea said...

Lindsey- thank you so much! I'm so glad that you like the blog. And SO AWESOME that you love Twilight and OTH and of course beer! We have a lot in common! I will be sure to check yours out too! Thanks!