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Friday, January 30, 2009

For as slow as January is going the weekends tend to pop up pretty quick. Not that I'm complaining. We will be...

marching on with the house re-organization project {hoping to tackle the bathroom & the spare room}. spending the night cooped up in the house with andrew, stacey, movies, wine, take out & grand conversation. drinking champagne. dancing {i just really feel like dancing lately}. helping aaron & kathy officially move into their new diggs. watching entourage. checking out a few antique stores {searching for a dresser & a little piece to hold records & a record player}. vegging out for the super bowl {read: commercials} complete with loads of food and company. possibly swing into Lowe's to pick up some paint samples. applying said paint samples. And without-question consuming plenty of wine.

Sounds relaxing, eh? I think so.

P.S. Have you seen any neat ideas for setting up/storing a record collection & a record player? These are a couple that I like, but I need some more ideas as I want it in our living room...

{nicole hill.}

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