the obligatory resolutions post.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm not really one for new years resolutions, however the new year always brings a new perspective on life…. Usually this only lasts for a few days, but after this past year, I am determined not to loose sight of the perspective gained this new year. While these might not be resolutions per say, there are some areas that I would like to focus on this 2009...

01. Keep our house in order. Our house always seems to be a pit and I am sick of it. I want to purge the things that we don't need and have a place for everything! This might take us a while.
02. Maintain a healthier lifestyle-- ie. eating better & exercising regularly {this should be a cinch due to my new obsession with my Wii Fit.}
03. Spend more time on me-- taking photos, guitar lessons, reading, writing, whatever it may be.
04. Be smart with our money- spend & save wisely. There are lot of bigger items that we really want right now, so we are trying to stop spending on silly, little things and save up for these.
05. Start my personal library- I've a good collection right now but I really want to add to it.
06. Expand my record collection- I'm sick of buying CDs and MP3s, none of which have the quality or feeling of vinyl. One of the bigger purchases that we're saving for is a record player with USB connections, so all of our tracks can be easily converted to MP3.
07. Travel to France & Italy. It's on the agenda for this year and I can't freaking wait! London, here I come!
08. Spend as much time near the water as possible.
09. Keep my GoodReads log up to date.
10. Take a road trip with my friends.

Nothing too specific-- just the way I like it. 2009 is looking good, no?

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Joi said...

Your resolutions sounds fun and totally attainable.

Here's to a happy 2009!

Lindsey said...

What a great, fun, doable list!