Wednesday, January 28, 2009

01. ffffound.
02. checking out tv on dvd from the library.
03. tbs' seinfeld reruns {even though we own all the seasons}.
04. the feeling when someone plays with your hair.
05. shots of good tequila.
06. sprite when your hungover.
07. DCFC's new tour announcement!!
08. that they are touring with cold war kids, ra ra riot & matt costa!!
09. that I am so totally going!!!
10. January being almost over.
11. Day of Lions. {i'm hooked- thanks frolic.}
12. that someday I could possibly live here.
13. or here.
14. Federico Erra's amazing photostream.
15. funny people.
16. ampersands {i just like them}.
17. my tea kettle whistling.
18. meeting someone new to talk music-shop with.
19. free laundry detergent.
20. productive weeknights.
21. car ipod chargers.
22. these adorable valentine teabags {i wish i had time to make them}.
23. jazz album covers.
24. the weepies {they could get me through anything}.
25. blueberry jam.

{oh, and the lovely picture via sabrina.}

currently listening to :: too too too fast by ra ra riot.