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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In light of my recent realization of keeping my life in perspective, I have decided to join several fellow bloggers in the Grace in Small Things challenge. Every day for 365 days, I will post a list of five things that have graced my life, either on that day or at any time in my life. Thank you schmutzie for starting such a genuine and positive way to reflect on the things life gives us.

Since this challenge lasts 365 days, I would have liked to start on the 1st of the year, so I am backtracking a bit today and will present you with 30 things to get me up to speed, but feel free to start yours whenever!

01. my husband.
02. death cab for cutie.
03. vinyl records.
04. cell phones.
05. aveeno lip conditioner.
06. one tree hill.
07. my college education.
08. G-man.
09. amazing friends.
10. a warm house to come home to.
11. a notebook for all of my thoughts.
12. wuthering heights {i'm reading it for a 2nd time and appreciated it so much more.}
13. tea {i drink at least 4 cups a day.}
14. my wii fit {oh the luxury of getting a great, fun workout in my living room.}
15. my cell phone.
16. Twilight {of course.}
17. Gilmore Girl seasons on dvd {without which I would not survive.}
18. Google Reader.
19. days that I don't have to get out of bed.
20. the stereo in my car- I don't think I would drive anywhere otherwise.
21. my sisters who are always there for me.
22. blue moon with an orange slice {yumm.}
23. trader joe's lavender avalon organic botanicals hand lotion in my cubicle.
24. my bi-weekly paychecks.
25. {the ultimate source for online used books.}
26. converse.
27. SLR cameras.
28. ham & cheese hot pockets.
29. netflix.
30. postcards.

Please feel free to join me in the challenge! It makes you feel good- I promise.

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Christi said...

i am thinking about doing that too...great start!

Jill said...

Yea! I'm so glad you are joining in on the fun!!! :)

leah @maritalbless said...

Aw, I love your list!