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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm not sure if it's the beautiful warm weather {30 above & yes that's warm right now} or the fact that I just got my cell phone rebate via visa card, but I am in major shopping mode today. Not to mention the fact that my rebate visa came in the mail the same day as a 40% off AE coupon. Let's review shall we...


Yes, I really did just nab all of these fabulous pieces. I'm loveloveloving this dress and it has me dying for spring and the strappies just look too perfect next to it, so I had to get those too. I've been searching relentlessly for the perfect textured black vest and this one is it{!}. How about these jeans? I'm really loving them and totally rocking them with the vest and perhaps this graphic tee or maybe a band shirt. Had to have the scarf and the beautiful turquoise rings and because I am so nice I grabbed this shirt for the hubs too- he is going to look so hot in it!

Yay for me! I'm so pumped. I can't even remember the last time I really went shopping, so this is quite the treat. And did I mention 40% off? Yeah, I scored some amazing deals. And I have to also share that one of my favorite etsy sellers is having a great sale right now- armelle. I told myself I could only pick one piece, and this is the one that I ordered...


I can already tell that it is going to be my almost-every-day-necklace.

I really love everything I got and quickly realized that I could seriously spend so much money on clothes, especially this darling little cardi for over the dress.... ugh, so I walked away. I have been very good lately reserving pretty much all of our money for beer & gas & concerts; and since I'm not willing to give up any of those anytime soon- I will learn to be content with today's purchases for a while.

Hurry up spring....

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Anonymous said...

everything you bought is gorgeous but i lovelovelove that necklace!
i've bought a few things off etsy but no necklaces yet - i think i may have to change that.