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Thursday, January 29, 2009

So I know I've been throwing a lot of lists at you lately {things I love, things I want, things that inspire me} so I apologize in advance for this post. What can I say? I am feeling very inspired lately. Here's what I've been up to this week....

01.Loving Laurence Philomene's photostream. Seriously, the girl is only 15 and her pictures are truly amazing. I'm especially sweet on the one above, this one & this one.

Lovelovelove all of Jason Munn's gig posters. I desperately need to order some.


03. I have a major girl crush on Michelle Williams at the moment. Something about her style and grace and the way she carries herself...

04. My new motto. Order here.


05. Wedding kisses {thanks Joanna!}

06. I want this exact workspace {via Martha Stewart}.

Or, okay this one would do too.


07. Groovy record sleeves found here.

08. Entourage {I am beyond addicted}.

09. I could totally use some of these wine bags.

10. I'm very, very sad to see Domino close their doors {sniff, sniff}. What ever will happen to my subscription??

11. I have been kicking ass and getting lots of stuff done around our house lately. Last night I was nearly passed out at 8:30 because I was so exhuasted! But it's a great feeling to get SO much done!! Last night I finished getting our entire bedroom cleaned & organized {which involved sorting through piles & piles of clothes. I am happy to report that we now have 4 tubs in the basement ready to take to Goodwill, a closet filled with neatly-hanging clothes and a clear floor. If you know me personally, you know that this is quite the feat. I also managed to organize most of our entire basement last night! I was on a roll baby...}

12. My wheels have been spinning this week planning our next project on my list-- finally painting our spare bedroom and maybe acutally hanging art on the walls. I'm not sure why, we have lived in our house for a year and a half, and we have never put any effort into this room. I'm not sure what I was waiting for, but the wait is over my friends. I am currently trying to decide between two paint choices, both are pretty neutral. Here is the first, Valspar's filtered shade:


And the second, Valspar's silver sea:


Here is someone's lovely bedroom painted in filtered shade, unfortuantely I cannot find any with silver sea.



This is a tough choice for me, because I am really feeling the grey and it would be so versatile and stylish, however I have a soft spot in my heart for blue. But on the other hand, we did just paint our bedroom a lovely shade of blue last year.... yet silver sea is a very grey-blue so it wouldn't be painfully obvious.

Oh boy. What do you think??? Would that be too much blue, should we go with the filtered shade? Or are you feeling the calmness of the silver sea? Opinions please and thank you.

13. Also relating to the spare bedroom- is that once the walls are painted, I can finally start working on my photo wall! This is something that I have wanted since forever and already have various frames & prints ready to go! Yay! I've been so inspired by...





Okay, and yeah and I think I want to re-paint our kitchen too {I told you I was on a roll}. I have loved the vivid green that we chose since we moved in & painted right away, but I am ready for a change and something light & airy. This picture was all I needed to really convince me...

15. I've become obsessed with 1000 books to read before you die. {23 down, 977 to go.....}

So there you have it. When I wasn't working; sleeping; eating & dreaming- this is what I was thinking about. Lovely.

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Joi said...

I definitely like the first paint color better. You said it yourself, it will be more versatile and so fresh and now.

You will love it!

Megan @ Lovely Happenings said...

If you like Jason Munn's posters you need to check out Strawberry Luna as well.