Wednesday, September 9, 2009

oh, etsy.
i think you and i have a serious problem.
i keep clicking 'commit to buy' and my bank account is getting mad at me!
why are you so darn irrisitable? 

i've already received this adorable headband from heart of light's shop.
i love it soooooooo much:
and everything else in her shop for that matter.

and the lovely owner at owlsay has already shipped me a custom-made
checkbook cover & business card holder in this adorable pattern:
 my loosely-floating business cards will thank her upon it's arrival.
but i can already forsee me writing way too many checks just to admire it's pretty cover.

i currently have this baby sitting in my cart
trying to resist the urge to buy but i actually need a new notebook
so i am slowly convincing myself that this is a practical purchase:

and lastly because i have to close etsy now,
i have been admiring these polaroid ring sets from jerseymaids
ever since they made their grand debut:
 oh how my fingers are longing for the mouse to send these
pretty babies on their way to me.
but i am holding out for raevyn's giveaway
with hopes that i just might win.
{{{fingers crossed}}}

are you as addicted as i am?
what are your favorite shops?
warning: my husband may track you down & yell for telling me.



Alice said...

Great picks!!! I always just jump around the site.. I dont really have a favorite store.. too many to pick.. but I did get a Alice in Wonderland tote bag from PiperBags... I use it all the time and got a lot of compliments on them.

Krissa said...

oh etsy is bad! haha...i love that headband and have one in white on my wish list...
and i love your checkbook and card holder... i want one know so thanks for posting the link...
and i say GET the notebook...too cute to pass up!