Thursday, September 3, 2009

life is beautiful.

you see those words ^^^^^^ everytime you come here.
yet it's so easy to forget isn't it?
well, not today it's not.

today i am remembering the gorgeous flowers that i picked last night.
and how pretty they sat in my bicycle basket.
and how pretty the polaroids are of them.
and that my friends is beautiful.

today i am eating funyuns & drinking mexican coca-cola.
and that is soooo beautiful.

today i am listening to this song.
beautiful. beautiful. beautiful.

today my house is loving said hand-picked flowers.
in their pretty mason jars.

today i put a roast in a crock pot.
and added carrots & onions & soup.
my belly thinks that is pretty darn beautiful too.

don't forget.
life is so beautiful.
slow down & enjoy it.

i changed the header here for a while.
.maybe that will help you remember.



Kristin said...

Beautiful post! I have a Mason jar that I didn't know what to do with until now! Thanks for the vase idea!! :-)

leah @maritalbless said...

Aww, unfortunately soooo necessary.

Rachel said...

I agree, that's why my blog is name Beautiful Life!

Alice said...

I'm loving the positive attitude and the pictures... definitely brightened my day


Anonymous said...

hi, chelsea.
i stumbled across your blog and i'm loving it!
i saw this beautiful street work by an artist in california. there is one entitled "Life is Beautiful". you should check it out!
it's here on my blog: