Tuesday, September 22, 2009

no time. no time. no time.

i just can't catch up lately.
i am moving at a million miles a minute,
but just can't seem to cram it all in.

which certainly means i haven't had much time
for any leisure activities:

yep, that's really my reader.
if you think that's bad you should see my laundry situation.
i'm getting there though....

however, we did have a fun-filled weekend.
we celebrated our anniversary on friday night
and it was perfect.
we made fondue at home for the first time

which turned out amazing.
the first and last time either of us had fondue was on our honeymoon
so that will always be a special meal for us.
we threw a ton of blankets on the living room floor
and cuddled up - with G too of course -
and watched movies all night,
slowly grazing the fondue.

G wanted some real bad..

and i also had a replica of our top tier of wedding cake made
from the same place that made our wedding cake.

it was soooooooo good
- we're still eating it -
and totally worth the $20.

on saturday night we attended bachelor/bachelorette
parties for andrew & stacey!
the girls' party was 80s themed and we went all out!
can you find me??

it was a great night,
but i sure paid for it on sunday.
i slept in until 10:30
- sooooo late for me -
ran a couple errands & picked up some wings,
came home & we watched the Vikings game.
then I fell asleep,
yes i actually took a nap
- again, never happens -
and when i woke up it was 4:00.
did a few things around the house
then it was time for dinner
and the emmy's/cowboys game
and back to bed!

a great, great weekend but i am paying for it now.
oh well.
that's what weekends are for, right?



Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Happy anniversary! Your food looks so yummy!

Rhianne said...

happy anniversary, my reader looked exactly the same. I'm in the 800's now and I've never been so happy, lol