Friday, September 25, 2009

ahhhh... it's official. it's fall.
amongst all of my favorite things that fall brings,
fall tv is at the top of my list.
it's so nice to just stay in, curl up on the couch with your family,
sip a hot tea, and indulge in other people's fabulous lives.

so far this year i have been impressed with the shows again & again.

first off, of course, is one tree hill.
while it is very different this season, i am easing myself into it.

i will always love one tree hill,
but i think that this season is going to be spectacular.
i'm just ready to be a few more episodes into it
so i can forget all about leyton and other miniscule details that they aren't touching on.
and p.s. mark- will you please stop putting naley through the ringer?

a new show that i am already addicted to
- no surprise here -
is vampire diaries.
i went into it thinking i would hate it and it's twilight-wannabe tendencies.
but boy, was i wrong?!
it does have similar storylines as twilight,
but it is completely different.
i love steffan and elena.
i even went to borders last week and got the first book so i can read the series too.
as of right now, this is the show that i actually can't stand waiting for during the week.

 the office is rocking this season.
after so many years of jim and pam torture, i swear this season was made for me!
i am loving the wedding stuff, and of course the pregnancy.
they just light up the show so far this season and i love all of the attention on them.
and of course michael's antics- last night was particularly hilarious,
but yet a very series situation at the same time.
gosh, i love this show.

and how cute is this?

and last night was also the season opener of grey's!
i think i cried a total of 20 times and laughed 20 times so it evened out.
i have watched this show since day 1 and i always will.
i love each and every single character in their own quirky way.
i am so sad that george is gone, but i loved how they showed how everyone dealt with his death so differently- so true of life.
my favorites are izzie and alex, especially now since they are married!

geesh... so much good stuff going on, this doesn't even touch on everything!
i'm loving gossip girl- the college years too.
so different, but i love it! you always wondered what would happen
to the characters when they were thrown into a real-life scenario and now we know!

that is all for now!
be sure to set your dvr's so you don't miss any of the goods!



Heidi Rose said...

I love Gossip Girl too.