Tuesday, September 8, 2009

can't stop my heart from pitter-pattering at the moment.
i just saw this...

and i am so in love.
the diana mini
oh my. more pitter-pattering.

not only is she mini & fits perfectly in your back pocket at all times,
but she uses.... wait for it....
35 mm film!
this isn't even the best part,
hard to believe i know!
you can choose to shoot 36 shots of square photos
- or -
72 rectangular half frames!

oh my goodness. oh my goodness.

the possibilities are endless.
with film so readily available...
panoramics. multi exposures. cross processing. long time exposures.
oh happy day.

buy yours here.
but wait for me to get mine first.



Rhianne said...

I want one so badly tooooo!

Alice said...

ahhh me too!!! I need a job though... bummer..