Wednesday, September 16, 2009

some random thoughts for this lovelywednesday...

:: this is what my saturday looked like...

pretty, but busy

:: i love strawberry poptarts for breakfast.

:: can't believe how many phoenix songs have been featured in season premieres this week.
i swear it's because of my never-ending recs on twitter to music directors.

:: i need to find a cute thermos for my coffee every morning
because one mug full simply isn't enough.

:: our anniversary was wonderful, but i can't wait to celebrate again on friday.

:: i am motivated to get my house clean and organized and to keep it that way.
sherry's post helped a lot; i'm currently making my own schedule.

:: this is one of my favorite movie quotes..

:: i have every intention of doing my OTH recap, oh how I have missed them.
just waiting till I have enough time.

:: i wish i could throw out all my clothes and start over.
well maybe not all of them.

:: i can't find my copy of this book from my childhood,
so i am waiting for the next Borders coupon so that i can buy it.
i have to own it again, the movie previews are making me miss it.
unless you have a secret place for me to look mom?

:: i want to add some new products to the shop this fall.
all i can think of is notecards and stationary.
i really need to put my thinking cap on.

:: i'm also almost ready to start teaching myself how to knit.
and i'm very excited about this.
any good recommendations? youtube videos? etc?

:: sometimes i feel very used and taken for granted.
and that's a terrible thing.
but i'm starting to realize how much stronger i am now than ever before.
a few years back i would have been devestated and depressed.
and now i just simply realize that it shouldn't have that big of an impact on me.
and while it hurts, i'm strong enough now to let it go.

:: words to live by

:: i've been trying really, really hard to stay away from soda.
it's been tough, but i've actually been doing great.
however on the off chance that a mexican coca-cola is offered to me,
that would be an exception.

:: my hopefully-fixed camera should be delivered today.
and i can't remember the last time i was so excited.

:: i have been making real, actually-cooked dinners lately. crazy, right?
we're talking pot roasts, italian beef, taco soup & cornbread from scratch.
i don't know what has gotten into me... but our bellies are happy.

that's all for now.  i feel like everything in my life lately is coming in little bits & scatters
and that is quite apparent on the blog.
but i'm working on organizing my life.
i will get there at some point.



Sara said...

I haven't had any soda for the past 2 years :) I love that photo with the clothes/ dresses hung!