Monday, June 1, 2009

another weekend bites the dust.
let's recap, shall we?
i was lucky enough to be in my dear friends-
jennifer + andrew's
wedding over the weekend.
+ the matron of honor at that.
it was an absolutely beautiful wedding
+ everything went off without a hitch.
i am so honored that i was a part of their big day.
i couldn't be happier.

thursday + friday were completely filled with
decorating + pedicures + salon updos + rehearsals + mimosas.

their wedding was on friday.
+ it was so, so beautiful.
there were so many people there to share in their wonderful day.
it was just perfect.
i was too busy to be really preoccupied with my camera.
so you can thank husband for most of these shots.

saturday morning we were exhausted.
but aaron+kathy {thankfully} called + motivated us
because they said they were coming over to help finish staining the deck.
lots of gallons of stain, brushes + otter pops later..
+ our deck looks amazing.
{thanks guys- not only did it go faster, but it was much more fun!}
we finished around 4 + quick hopped in the shower
+ got ready to meet the gang
{plus clint+brie, brett+kerri, eric+kate}
for dinner before nic's party.
so awesome to have everyone in town!!
nic's party made for a good night..
checked out his new bachelor pad
+beer pong+flippy cup+pole dances+
drinking on the roof {my personal favorite}.
good times.
but i hit my wall around 1 am
{the wedding, the staining, the nonstop moving}
had finally caught up with me.
home + to bed we went.

slept in on sunday {amazing}
+ then headed to a very successful breakfast benefit for andrew.
+ it was pretty funny seeing everyone from the wedding again.
then mom + i dropped off brian so we could do some major shopping.
mostly just household stuff + supplies for the upcoming showers i am hosting.
+ stuff to make kabobs for dinner. oh yum.
spent all day driving around town + had such a great time.
headed home + whipped up the kabobs {amazing}.

+ watched twilight goodness + robert's beautiful face
glorify my tv screen all night
at the mtv movie awards.
oh yeah, + let's not forget this shall we?

i can't stop watching it.
what an amazing weekend.
i am however very much looking forward to this week.
husband is on vacation. all week long.
we have so much to do + so much to not do.
we are just going to be together all week + i love it.
speaking of which i have to run because said husband is waiting for me
to finish getting ready so we can take G to the park.
..... if we can wake him up.
{he is very tired too}.

just lovely.


Kristy said...

yay for spending the week with the hubs! I want to see some pics of this "new" deck so I can be all jealous.
Also, DIE over New Moon! That preview is really making it really hard for me to "hate" Jacob... musclesssss....cheekbonesss...
Ok, sorry, I'm done :)

Windy City Kelley's said...

I can't wait for New Moon either!

Your dog is super cute in the last picture by the way.