Monday, June 8, 2009

.the weekend was great.
i'm so sad to see it go.
which means that husband goes back to work.
but at least we had the weekend.


.acted like we knew how to landscape.
.+ updated our firepit.


.planted gerbras.

.+ lillies.

.finished staining the back deck.

.played on swings.

.painted railings + windows.

{i did however find that i only took the time to stop
+ take photos of the not-so-fun activities; read: all the work}

we also...

.broke in the new firepit with great friends.
.played mushroom on the back deck.
.had several barbeques.
.heard a new band downtown.
.sang purple rain.
.drank lots of coronas.
.slept in.
.watched movies.
.+ enjoyed our newly updated back yard.

more updates in my flickr.


Lindsey said...

You guys worked hard and it looks amazing!! Good work!!