Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i can't stop:

.listening to phoenix's wolfgang amadeus.

a lisztomania
think less but see it grow
like a riot like a riot oh!
not easily offendedknow how to let it gofrom
the mess to the

.watching the go-getter.

.taking pictures of windy roads.

.+ pretty baby ferns.

.picking wildflowers.

.catching fireflies.

.writing mail so that i can use these pretty stamps.

.trying to replicate the royal red robin burger.
{close but no cigar}.

.watching pretty sunsets from our front porch.

.with G of course.



Amy said...

Thank you for introducing me to Phoenix... Got the cd last night and havent stopped listening to it since. love it.

Chelsea said...

i'm so glad that you love them!! i too have been listening to their album ever since it released.. just can't get enough!!