Monday, June 15, 2009

.good times were had this weekend.

wedding rehearsals. + drinks in the park.
movie nights. + sleeping in.
graduation parties. + pretty, pretty weddings.

lots of dancing + lots of laughs.
+ a beautiful new married couple.

+ more sleeping in.
+ thrift shopping.
+ backyard picnics.
{more on that later}.

+ sorry sorry sorry i'm a couple days late.
but i have a winner from the giveaway!
congratulations kristal.
you're guess of 74 corks was dead on!
so many were so close...68, 71, 75
{75 was my guess also}.
shoot me an e-mail kristal
+ let me know what print you choose
+ i will have it on its merry little way to you.
thanks everyone for participating.

+ happy monday.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, no way!! I'm so excited!! Let me take a look at your shop again and I'll email you soon.

Thanks!! :)