Monday, June 15, 2009

.today, i.

took my boy to the vet.
he is now severly drugged up + just not himself.
i know he will get better, but my heart is breaking.

went to target.
+ bought 4 more items than were on my list.
including goonies because it was $3.

went to lowes.
+ got the prettiest shade of green paint
to paint the $2 dresser that i scored over the weekend.
+ pretty blue paint to paint the backdoor.
so summery, i just couldn't resist.

went to the mall, looking for a dress.
{i must return at least one}.
+ a top that i have been waiting for.

went to the post office.
+ got more pretty stamps.
i'm a little obsessed with them.

now i'm exhausted.
+ listening to this song over+over thanks to matt.
+ i really want a big, juicy cheeseburger.
particularly this one from red robin.
hopefully i can convince husband that
this is a good idea when he gets home.

oh + i really want to live in that room above.
i have no idea where i found the photo,
but i can't stop staring at it.
now i'm off to go cuddle with my little man.
+ dream that i'm sleeping in that bed.
+ probably about the cheeseburger too.



Kristy said...

1. hope your little man feels better (and I hope it wasn't anything serious!)
2. I am DYING over that room. Its now my master bedroom inspiration. Thanks!

Amy said...

poor G! hope hes ok.