Wednesday, June 10, 2009

.the reader.

had a lovely, little shopping day yesterday with my mom+sisters.
found a new local bookstore, as evident from below.
+ even nabbed the sweetest little picnic blanket there too:

i'm so, so excited to get started on my new summer reading list.
we also stopped for lunch among many other random errands.
pit stop at target where i got some birthday presents for husband {shhhh}
+ this pretty dress.

such a lovely day.
i did manage to lose my keys at some point in the process.
still haven't found those, but oh well.
it was worth it.


Anonymous said...

Love it! One of my favorites "The Book Thief" is in that pile! Great Choices!

Amy said...

I know you love Twilight, but I didnt know if you had read any of the Southern Vampire Series? They are about Sookie Stackhouse- the first one is called Dead Until Dark. The HBO series Trueblood is based off this series. Anyway, didnt know if you had read them, so I thought I would ask... Im on the 8th one right now. They are really fun and easy reads!

Lindsay said...

l o v e the reader!

J+K said...

The Book Theif && Les Mis are AMAZING. You will love them