Monday, June 8, 2009

.things that make me happy today.

.breaking out the string lights.

.playing with danny's diana dreamer {+ pretty daisies too}.

.it's cherry season.

.our peonies exploding.

.the sweet, sweet things husband does for me.

that is all.


Charlotte said...

Oh the sweetest part of being married! Don't you just love it?

jordan said...

this post made me smile real big because a) i love string lights, nothing makes me happier. b) cherries are yum. *nom* and c) peonies are beautiful & i want to walk down the aisle with them.

yay for sweet, cute husbands :)

oh & i LOVE your firepit pictures, from the last post. i want one in our future backyard, badly. and a hammock.

Amy said...

The picture of your string lights inspired me to get some of my own for our back porch. They are amazing! I posted about them today in case you are interested in seeing :)