Tuesday, June 23, 2009

.another amazing weekend.

filled with...
.picnics + cuddling.

.discovering berry bushes in our backyard.

.road trips with stacey.

.+ we saw lots of corvettes.

.to go to kathys hometown.
.for her first bridal shower.

.+ she loved all her gifts.

.then we drove back home.
.with a quick stop at the outlet mall.
.i got the most darling blue skirt.

.on sunday we celebrated fathers day.
.first in the country with the in-laws.

.+ then at my parents house.
.we gave my dad this.
{+ we secretly wanted to keep it}.

.+ we played guitar hero with kirby.

.+ we celebrated husbands birthday.
.he is now 25.

.i made him a funfetti cake.
.with sparklers.
.G was afraid at first:

.but then he really liked them:

.+ all is right in the world.
{more here}.



Kayla said...

First off, I love coke from a glass bottle and berry's from the backyard! 2nd, funfetti cake is my absolute favorite cake (since I was about 6!)

I love all of the pictures, you are so good at that! You inspire me to take more pictures. We are getting a nice camera for Christmas and I'm going to attempt to take pretty pictures like you!!

Hope all is well! :-)