Wednesday, June 17, 2009

.it's braid wednesday.

you do know what braid wednesday is,
don't you?
only the best flickr group ever.

{+ mine}

i have always loved braids.
i constantly braided my hair as a kid
because it's the only way i knew to do my hair.
this from a girl who couldn't even do a ponytail
without a rooster sticking up in front
{something i still get teased about}.
but braids are my friend.
i love them.

do you wear braids?
inspiration is just a click away.




Joi said...

I would love to rock a front braid if I was coordinated to do it. Everytime I practice it, it looks like crap. : (

Chelsea said...

the trick is NOT to practice.. honestly. you just have to have a carefree attitude going into it, because it won't be perfect. i do mine once + thats it, no fuss! try it! :)