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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

There was a lot happening on last night's OTH to say the least! A bummer that we have to wait until January for a new episode- but at least this one was a good one.

Sam with the boy in her room was hilarious. So funny to see Brooke get upset over something like that. Does anyone remember Brooke from high school? HaHa.

This scene was pretty good. I love seeing badass Lucas. I had no idea what Julian was doing with the sugar though....

Ahh now I see. Go Lucas!!

I really like the dynamic between these two. I'm a sucker for witty banter.
UGH. What is going on with Peyton?? I am beyond upset that they didn't tell us for sure.
This scene was adorable!
I hate, hate, hate GiGi. Mouth- what are you thinking??
Mia was looking hot last night. But why was she being so mean? I hated seeing her and Peyton fight? There has to be more going on there...
Sweetest thing.

I really think that I would like seeing Brooke & Julian together. I am however glad that she turned down any relationship with him, professional or whatnot, at first. That wouldn't be like Brooke to step into something with hime without talking to Peyton about it.
Oh, Nathan. He was a freaking rock star last night! I just knew when this guy started giving a hard time that it was going to be good!
And boy, was I right! He rocked it!!!! I loved hearing his voiceover too. Watching him play there was one of my favorite scenes-- hearing his thoughts in the process.
I love the relationship between these two. Especially when they have their "serious" moments.

This was so bizarre. Dawson! Doing drugs?! What? haha. I know that it wasn't really suppose to be Dawson- but it was all too familiar not to make the connection.
They are definitely hinting at cancer... but I still think it's just a trick!

UGH! I hate her!!
Cutest kid. This was such a good scene. I loved everyone's reactions.
I did not see this coming!!! It makes perfect sense though.
Poor Sam! It's obvious that she never intended for it to happen.
And of course poor Brooke! How hard that must have been to understand now.

Just had to throw this in because they are adorable.

I really liked how they are showing that Julian is a good guy, even though he doesn't want you to know it. Well, I'm glad that he is- and I'm glad that Brooke knows it.
My. Oh My! What the heck?!?!?! This is crazy!!!!!! It wouldn't really bother me normally- of course I want Millie to be with Mouth for the first time, but Mouth messed that up! But Brooke is going to be SO upset with Millie!! :( I about cried when Owen took a drink...
I did not see this coming either!!! Holy craziness last night! I wonder if it was him that attacked Brooke then and not the kid? So scary to think that Q's killer could have Brooke's attacker! Gives me chills...

All in all. Very good episode- but I am very pissed that we have to wait to find out what's wrong with Peyton and if Nathan made it! Oh well, there is always Twilight to hold me over.

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Chels said...

Last night was an excellent episode. It's going to be so hard to wait until Jan. 5!

Maria said...

This was so bizarre. Dawson! Doing drugs?! What? haha. I know that it wasn't really suppose to be Dawson- but it was all too familiar not to make the connection.

I thought the same thing! I couldn't take him seriously in that role. LOL!

I'm bummed that we have to wait until January 5 for the next new episode. :-(