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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So I decided that I am going to skip my usual OTH recap this week, both because I am short on time and because nothing major happened. But I have something much, much better for my fellow OTH lovers instead!! First- I will say a few things about this week- Naley is toooooo cute {duh}; I'm really starting to like Sam with Brooke, but I do hope that it doesn't mess anything up with her getting a baby; Haley was amazing; and of course so was Kate Veogele & Angels and Airwaves; I despise Julian; but I love how Lucas & Peyton are still so great together regardless; Lucas punching Julian was the best scene ever!; it was nice seeing Q, and very interesting hearing what he was saying to Nathan; I hate Gigi and loved seeing Milli stick up for herself; Mouth needs to get his head out of the clouds- what Milli said about him respecting the wrong girl was dead on!; thought that this was very fun, and musically-genius episode and I really enjoyed it. However, next week is going to be AMAZING. I have been looking forward to this episode since first hearing about it at the beginning of the year. Chad Michael Murray is sure to please the fans with this trip to the 40's! I have an exclusive peek at the first 8 minutes of the episode!!!!!!! I am SO excited!! Enjoy:

Also, check out onetreehillblog for some more exlusive photos from next week's episode!

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