Monday, November 17, 2008

Thought I would lighten the air here with this pretty picture. Ahhh...... that's better.

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Anonymous said...

that picture is amazing.
i recently came across your site (i believe from newlywedisms by bryn) & i love it.
your puppy is adorable, is it an english bulldog?
we have one, otis, she's SO ugly .. she's cute.

Chelsea said...

Hey Jordan! I'm so glad that you like it and yes I'm sure you wandered over here via Bryn. :) And yes Guinness is an English Bulldog and pretty much the love of my life! Aren't they the best??

leah @maritalbless said...

Um . . . you're usually so quick to tag images, I have to ask if that is your's?!

Chelsea said...

Sadly Leah, no it is not my image. I wish that it was. Wherever I found it did not credit it! Isn't it lovely?

Anonymous said...

guinness is adorable :)

otis is cute as heck as well, but she's VERY dominant. do you have that "problem" with G? she can be very cute & cuddly but if she's hyper or bothered (usually by one of the other dogs - a german short haired pointer & a bullmastiff) she can be MEAN. she bites & lunges, growls .. anything she can do to get your attention. or at least, scare the other dogs off so she has a better chance!