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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I was blown away by last night's OTH. As you probably already know, Chad Michael Murry wrote this episode. I have been hearing mixed reactions, but all that matters to me is that I loved it. I hope that people are able to understand it and appreciate it for what it was. First of all, the entire cast rocked the '40s! In fact, I think they may have been born to play those roles. Everyone was brilliant {but I do think that BJG stole the show!} I just loved how everything that was happening in the dream, in the '40's was directly correlated to what was happening in real life....

It was cool seeing Luke a big man in town, running the club. He played the role perfectly.

And Nathan. Oh Nathan! He was so amazing. I loved seeing him as the shy, naive bartender. Thinking he wasn't good enough to even speak to Haley.

Haley was incredible last night. She just rocked it. Her acting of course was beyond brilliant, but her hair, her talking, and oh my gosh her SINGING!!!

I loved that it was in Karen's Cafe. I loved that Brooke was broke- I thought that was a very interesting twist. Skills on the piano was fabulous. Mouth was so funny in the intro at the club... "It's gonna shake up this whole town..." gives me goosebumps.

When Nathan slammed that creepy guy onto the bar for Haley, I about died! It was so hot! And their conversation was just the sweetest thing!!

Dan played an excellent villian {duh!}

Owen as the police officer was perfect! And as much as I hate Julian, he looked hot in the '40s! And I think that Julian as Dan's sidekick was perfect. They are both enemies and villians in Lucas' mind so it made perfect sense.

There were so many references to things that happened in reality which kept everything so interesting. I caught several of them, but I'm sure there is more that I missed. Peyton's car breaking down was pretty obvious. ;)

Nathan and Haley were just magical last night. They are soul mates and that is just an undeniable fact. I did not see the letter from the Army coming....

But I loved how he asked Haley to "step out" with him immediately after that.

So cute when Lucas and Peyton kissed...

How cute and happy did he look after that?

This was another jab at things that happened in real life... so perfect I thought.

This part was one of my favorites. The crakerjacks!!! :)

I loved that they got married. And that they talked about Jamie!! SO PERFECT!!!

I can't believe that they killed Mouth.
I truly thought that everything was phenomenal- but the ending was just amazing. Anyone who appreciates films in this era should have loved it, because CMM nailed it.

I loved seeing Brooke turn on Dan. I knew it was coming sooner or later.

But I wasn't expecting the gun to be unloaded. SKILLS TO THE RESCUE!!
I could not believe that Peyton got shot!!!!!!

SO sad when Nathan was leaving and they were saying goodbye.

Hands down, my favorite moment..... they are absolutely perfect. And it was raining! :)

It was the perfect moment to bring Lucas back to reality, and I loved how they did that too!

Here's where things go a little nuts! What the hell is happening to her?!?!? I just knew when she got shot in the dream that something was going to happen to her in real life.

The way she is holding herself, it looks like her appendix?? But I think that it will be something bigger than that. Eptopic pregnancy?? UGH- I want to know now!!

I want to show pictures of everything because I just loved everything. But I don't think my blog can handle that. I tried to pick out my favorites and the most important scenes. But everything was so amazing... The music. The stories. The talking. The outfits. Haley singing. Everything. Everyone looked so hot- like they were born to live in this era. In my opinion, Haley and Nathan stole the show. All of their scenes were just incredible. But everything was just perfect. I think CMM did an amazing job. What a nice fun, break from everything was going on in real life.

I hope you loved it as much as I did! I think I need to watch it again because I'm sure I missed some things!!

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Maria said...

Hi there! Kristal lead me to your blog. You summed up last night's OTH episode so well. It was fabulous. I agree that Nathan & Haley stole the show. It's fun to find someone else who loves the show!

Lynsey T said...

I didn't think anyone loved OTH as much as I do! The love stories in this show make me cry...every week. I just adore the show and think that it's great writing. My husband thinks it's lame...what does he know! Awesome post!

Maria said...

lynsey t, my husband thinks it's lame too. What do boys know anyway? :-)