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Monday, November 24, 2008

*Warning: my post does contain spoilers if you have not seen the movie.

On to the important stuff. Of course I'm talking about Twilight. I was so hyped up on Thursday for the midnight premiere and it didn't definitely disappoint! I told myself going into it that I appreciate the book for the book and I am going to appreciate the movie for the movie. They are not the same thing and I am just grateful to have anything actually played out before my eyes. However, not matter how much I told myself I wasn't going to compare the two- it's pretty much impossible not to when you know the story so well. I couldn't stop my mind from noticing. BUT it didn't make me love the movie any less. I thought that it was nothing short of spectacular. More than I could have ever hoped for. There were some scenes that I would have loved to seen played out in the movie that didn't make it {their lunch conversations. the blood typing day. do i dazzle you?} but in I do understand that they can't play out everything or the movie would have been 10 hours long. BUT they did add some incredible moments that just made everything worthwhile and really play out so well on the big screen. *Bella finds out that he is vampire on her own, with only a little help from Jacob which was a nice twist. And the day after she finds out and sees him in the parking lot, looks at him and starts walking, and he follows her into the woods- I about lost it I had goosebumps so bad. VERY visually effective!

I honestly could just go on & on about everything I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED about this movie!! The entire forest/meadow scene was done perfectly!! Their first kissing scene was beyond incredible!! Perhaps my favorite moment is after the James attack and Edward is sucking the venom out of Bella-- it goes fuzzy and the montage starts {with none other that Robert's "Let Me Sign" playing} -- the images that flash with the music pounding in the background literally makes my heart stop just thinking about it. Truly amazing. And of course their final scene at prom- it was perfection.

Everything about this movie was perfect- I could have never asked for anything more. They captured so much of what Twilight is in just a short two hours! The actors, the stunts, the settings, the script, the music-- everything was absolute perfection. Just talking about it is making me want to see it again!!!!

I am extremely happy to report that Twilight has already set new box office records, earning $70.6 million this weekend!!! AND Summit Entertainment has officially announced that they are moving forward with New Moon! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! I am SO excited!!!

I am hearing very mixed reactions from everyone and it sounds like people either love it or hate it. I urge you- if you saw it and didn't like it- especially if you liked the books, I urge you to see it again! If you can just forget the book for a while and appreciate the movie for what it is- I truly think that you will see it's beauty!!!!

Sorry if this post is very rambling and jumpy- I just get so excited even thinking about it. I am trying not to divulge every detail because I'm sure not everyone has seen it.I am off now to scour youtube to watch some of my favorite scenes that have been leaked to the Internet world. At least I have those to hold me over until the dvd releases!

Oh yeah and by far my favorite movie. Ever! I can't honestly say that this isn't because I had already read the books and loved the story so much, but regardless- it is without a doubt my favorite movie of all time. And Robert Pattinson is the single, most gorgeous man alive! =)

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Anonymous said...

You said Jacob attack, instead of James attack.

Chelsea said...

Thanks Hol, I fixed it! I feel like I barely said anything I wanted to say about hte movie becuase I get so excited and start typing really fast and lose my train of thought! haha. I think the major point is there though. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think it was alright. I have heard a lot of people hated it, but I didn't think it was that bad at all- they did the best they could with 2 hours, like you said!

kari said...

The more I think about it, the more I like it. Maybe I'll go see it again, like you said.

Meredith said...

I definitely liked the movie.

The couple behind us discussing the "beautiful timber" the entire movie? Not so much!

Chels said...

I just stumbled across your blog and just wanted to let you know that I love it! I will definitely be adding you to my reader.

I keep reading all these things about Twilight...beginning to make me think I better be checking both the books and movie out.

Joi said...

I liked it, too. It's not my fav by a long shot, but I'm not a movie fan.

I think what kept me away from the love was the over-acting of some of the actors. But, to each their own.

Your critique was cute! : )

Chelsea said...

I'm so glad that many of you enjoyed it as much as me! It's so much better the 2nd time! :) I'm dying to see it again already.