Tuesday, November 18, 2008

01. I am very happy and thankful that Missy greeted me at work this morning with a skinny carmel macchiato-- my absolute favorite thing.

02. I am sad that two of my favorite shows have been canceled- Lipstick Jungle & The Ex List.

03. I am very satisfied with my fabulous ring that came in the mail yesterday from mlwdesign's shop. It is even more charming in real life. {I went back and ordered some Christmas presents.}

04. I am overwhelmed from last night's One Tree Hill... so much going on and how fabulous was everyone?? They just might have been meant to live in that era. BJG stole the show!

05. I am beyond excited {a huge understatement} for Twilight on Thursday night!

06. I am still giddy that Twilight sponsored last night's OTH. I almost looked forward to the commercial breaks just as much.

07. I am still laughing at Stacey's phone call from last night-- no Stacey that is not G making noise! haha.

08. I am grateful for my amazing husband. Even when he is sicker than a dog he manages to be the sweetest person the planet. Love you.

Have a happy Tuesday!

currently listening to :: flightless bird, american mouth by iron and wine.

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leah @maritalbless said...

Aww. With a start like that to your day, how could it not be good! So glad that you are happy with your ring!