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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I loved, loved, loved last night's episode!!

The intro was too funny. I love Naley:

And I just love these two together:

This scene was absolutely perfect! And HILARIOUS:

And I think these two are going to be very good for each other:

I don't even know what to make of this part. I understand that Lucas is trying to deal with Keith's murder.. but he should have never said that to Haley. I am proud of Nathan & Haley for giving Dan a chance with Jamie.

I love the dynamic between these two:

And oh, how I love Leyton:

It was very interesting to flashback to her relationship with Julian though. I love that they broke up over Lucas!
Owen bringing the gifts to Brooke was so cute. I love that he's trying so hard:
This was very powerful. And I have to say that I would have done the same thing if I was Lucas....

Loved the Slamball game! GO SCOTT!

I still can't believe that this happened. But I thought it was very neat angle.
Seeing poor Jamie & Haley running to him like that...
It shows how far he has come. The game isn't anywhere near as important as his life. {"his two best trophies!"}
I really like the conversation between Lucas & Dan. It needed to happen. And it really seems like Dan is changed.

This was such a riot!!
As sad as I am that Brooke ended everything with Owen, it really was the right thing. I LOVE them together- but we have to remember that he left her...

And Mouth, oh Mouth. I hate it that they didn't show us what happened with them yet. I really can't imagine him cheating on Milly, but he was not walking away fast enough- that's for sure.

And I knew this was coming... UGH.
I wish she would have just told him right away, but I understand that she wanted him to finish the screenplay first. But why, OH WHY, did she have to tell him that they were in love??!!? Even if they were- she could have spared him that!
Next week looks soooo good!!!!

And check out this exclusive sneak peek into next week's USO Concert!!!

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*Sam* said...

OK. So I adore this show. I'm fully addicted. But...It's gotten so dang predictable. I knew something would happen to Nathan. I knew as soon as we saw the flashback of Peyton, that Lucas would find the pic.

I'm still going to watch though. :P