Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today is a good day. One Tree Hill's season five released on dvd today. I was the loser waiting in the Target parking lot at 7:55 for them to unlock the doors. And guess what? I wasn't the only one. Crazy, huh? Rumors have been floating about a novel/journal being sold exlusively in some of the copies being released.

I noticed in our local Target ad on Sunday that they were advertising their copies with said journal, only limited copies. I would have been there right at open time no matter what, but I wanted myself a copy of whatever exclusive journal Target was selling! All that I knew was the cover was a replica of Lucas' novel, "An Unkindness of Ravens" and I wanted it!! I knew exactly where to find it {I'm a frequent Target shopper} and wouldn't you know it, they only have FOUR copies for sale with the journal there at open this morning. I scooped up the first and someone else grabbed another right behind me. I am SO glad that I was able to get mine. YAY. It is indeed just a blank journal inside, with the infamous Ravens cover on the front, and I love it. It will display proudly on my bookcase. Here's some pics for all my lovely die-hards:

YAY! I can't wait to go home and watch the extras tonight. =)