Friday, August 8, 2008

Last night was a busy night. We made plans to watch the football games with Aaron & Kathy, but we knew that we also had to work on garage sale stuff too. The boys did this:


While we worked on these:


And G did this:


Then of course Kathy had to rummage through all the garage sale stuff to make sure she got first dibbs.


Then we headed to my favorite local DQ for some ice cream {and fried bread of course} so we could support this; Miracle Treat Day. SUCH an amazing thing!!! 100 percent of proceeds from yesterday will benefit your local Children's Miracle Network Hospital!

And it's delicious.



Then we headed back to finish up the posters, watching the game, and cuddling with G.


So wish us luck with the garage sale this weekend! I've already decided that whatever doesn't sell is being taken to Goodwill immediately and not back into the house! Yippie. I really hope we can make a decent amount though. You'll be the first to know!

Happy Friday!

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leah @maritalbless said...

Good luck with the garage sale!

Joi said...

We just had a garges sale and did pretty well!

Good luck at yours and here's hoping you make lots of cash!

And, your pics in this post are so unique--what type of setting are you using to get that finished/vintagey look?

Thanks : )

abby said...

Hope the garage sale went well! But most importantly, I am SUPER jealous that your DQ still has caramel waffle crisp blizzards!! They are absolutely delicious and the MN restaurants aren't selling them anymore :(