Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I am here and alive everyone. This week has been extremely busy so far, and there doesn't appear to be an end in sight!! Even though it's your know Tuesday night at 7:30- here I am giving you my weekend recap {that's how much you mean to me!} I have lots of pictures to make it complete; I'm keeping them blogger "large" rather than photobucket "large" today since there are so many of them. :)

The garage sale was a complete success!!! YAY. We made $400!! And the best part- we have tons of stuff left. We want to have another one because we have so much stuff left!! We are going to wait a couple weeks and see if we can make some more. Yippie!

We had lots of help. Hollie and Kirby came over to people-watch and use their salesperson skills. And Andrew & Stacey were our saviors... they helped us out so much!!

At one low point we all got really bored and decided to put an old jersey from the children's bin on G:

He wasn't too thrilled with the idea:

But he got over it when the rain started dripping from the perfect spot {because apparently that is so much cooler than drinking from his water bowl}:

Kirby found lots of goodies:

And we didn't do too shabby! Here I am with the earnings {remind you this is after working a garage sale for two days straight, but still, YAY}:

After the garage sale wrapped up, we had a visit from Brian's dad, his girlfriend, and her daughter. They went through some of the stuff that was left and stayed to chat for a while. Apparently Brian and I were super tired because we didn't even notice the ENGAGEMENT RING on her hand!! She casually said something about Guinness being a ringbearer... and then our eyes averted to the fabulous diamond on her finger! Brian's dad had proposed to her the night before!! So sweet. They have been dating for three years and after everything that Brian's dad has been through- he deserves it so much!! I will blog later about his ROMANTIC proposal {no wonder where Brian gets it! ;)

Then we took off to visit my grandma. We have been popping in to see her at least two times a week. It's about an hour drive so sometimes it's more challenging than we would like, but we make it work. She has been really good lately, even though the doctors assure us it is only a matter of time. Just recently she has taken a turn for the worst. She isn't in any pain, but is just very confused and irritated- which is so hard for us all to see. So we hung out there for most of the evening and kept her company and chatted with family. When we got back home we met Andrew & Stacey for a late dinner and drinks and some Olympics watching. :) At one point Stacey and I headed outside and while we were gone Andrew asked Brian to be his best man. *tear* They have been friends since birth practically and Brian was so touched. {Stacey joked that Andrew acted like he was proposing to Brian because he has waited so long for the right time to ask him!} haha! Anyway, it was very sweet and Brian and I are both so excited to be such a huge part of their special day. {Brian is also currently searching for a BM emblem with a lightening bolt, a la You, Me & Dupree.}

And I just had to post this hilarious picture of G from over the weekend. We went on a car ride Sunday morning and he was sitting like a little kid in the backseat. What a lover:

On Sunday we finally slept in a bit {or at least the boys did.} Then I promised Kathy to go to a local bridal show with her, and guess who happened to be there; my one and only Caitlin. She was suppose to look bridal, and had her hair and makeup done representing her momma's salon. Here she is looking Caitlin-bridal:

Kathy won lots of loot {including an hour and half booze cruise for her bachelorette party{YEAH} and we had a good time. Then immediately after we took the hour and a half drive to meet baby Brody for the first time. He was more precious than I could have ever imagined. Here he is holding my hand:

Jennifer couldn't get over how alert and happy he was when we were there. I am so glad that we got to see him like that, and pretty sure that this makes us the number one babysitters. :) Just look at that face:

After hanging out with them for a while and accompanying them to dinner at the ever fabulous Texas Roadhouse {cinnamon bread!} we headed off for a late drive home.

G was just as tired as us when we got home:

Since it's already Tuesday night I will fill you in on my week so far too. Monday night we won all three games at volleyball!!! Woot woot!!! This was HUGE for us and we were VERY pumped!! I will have to remember to get a picture of us fabulous playing one of these times. {Live it, love it, bleed it!}

Today I had an all-day meeting at work. {Yeah, seriously.} It gets even better- I have them tomorrow and Thursday too- yippie! But I was SO excited when Brian called and said that our customized painting from Chicago Contemporary Art had finally came today!!! Here is it hanging in the hallway. I'm not sure where I want to put it yet..... and this picture isn't the greatest- I didn't have any sunlight to work with, but the flash just made it look weird:

It's so gorgeous!!! And my mom called me today and asked me to stop at their house after work. I did and she showed me this:

They are the new brochures for the United Way. Notice anything familiar about it?? That is my sister Kirby on the left!!! That is her and her friend at Girl Scouts camp and that picture is the main advertising campaign!! Her mug will be all over on brochures and posters! How cool is that? And how cute is she?? I can't wait to stop in tomorrow and get a bunch of copies!!! HaHa.

Anyway, that's where I'm at. The rest of the week is going to be crazy. Don't miss me too much.

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leah @maritalbless said...

Wow. No wonder you're just getting to this tonight. :)

Congrats on the successful garage sale!

I absolutely adore your painting, like serious envy.