what a week.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey guys. I’ve just been so super busy this week with work and work functions- that I can’t even think of anything exciting to tell you. Sad. Although I did get really drunk on Wednesday night with a bunch of work people. {what can I say, I like the good vodka when it's on the company.}

Yesterday was pretty much a day from hell for me. I won’t get into it because I’m just glad it’s over. Things are better now and getting back to normal. Last night Kathy and I ate Chinese and watched the Olympics until late {go Phelps!} And now here I am today… with loads of stuff to get done at work today and waiting for the weekend…..

I am very excited about this weekend though. Tonight my college girlfriends are in town—Jackie, Kate, Lindsay and Bri and we can’t wait to have a whole night with each other—and the boys will probably join us too. ;) I’m pretty pumped just to be with them for the night—plans are dinner and then out on the town so we will see where it leads us. I’m sure somewhere crazy.

AND Katie and Kris are staying with us so Guinness will finally get to meet Macy!! I have a feeling they are going to love each other. How cute is she?

Saturday we have a ton of stuff that we want to get done around the house- so that is where we will be. I’m actually really looking forward to just being at home with my boys and finally getting some stuff done!

I forgot to mention that yesterday at work, when our meetings were finally ending that we had been in since Tuesday, my boss thanked me in front of everyone for all of my efforts to get these meetings running smoothly. She thanked me for taking care of things that are outside of my role and to show her appreciation- she gave me a night out on the town with my husband. *blush* She said just go out to dinner and drinks- whatever you want and use your Corporate Card. SWEET. So I’m thinking that we might take advantage of this Saturday night. I can't wait! :)

On Sunday we are going to visit my grandma and baby Brody again- so that will most likely fill most of our day. And then I have to come home and pack because I have a business trip next week. Sad. I can’t even think about yet, all I can think about today is the amazing weekend I am going to spend with my boys and my friends and my family....

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