Friday, January 14, 2011

What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing – and can you eliminate it? 

Mainly, work. Since working takes up 9 hours everyday, plus getting ready in the mornings, that takes away from my writing the most. But since I need my job (want my job) to maintain our lifestyle, I can not eliminate that. However, some things that could be eliminated include watching tv and reading blogs. Since I get a ton of inspiration from my blog roll, as well as many dear friendships, I am opting for cutting out the television. No, not all tv, because, um, do you know me? But I can definitely eliminate the more useless television that manages to sneak its way into my daily life. I don’t need to watch Seinfeld reruns while preparing dinner… instead I could use that time to think, brainstorm, and listen to music. And I don’t need to watch Jersey Shore again before falling asleep… it would be easy to me to reach for my Kindle instead before bed. However, since getting our new television in the bedroom for Christmas I have been opting for the remote instead. I will work on this, as I would love for my writing to take priority again.

(reverb10; prompt 2.)