a weekend of--

Monday, January 10, 2011

big wine glasses. filled with wine. watching Teen Mom in the hen den. making pizza pies. almost killing my blackberry. crying about it. and somewhat putting it back together (it now looks like an oreo). going to see Black Swan with Stacey (at the very last second and in our pajamas). watching Jersey Shore. again. sleeping in. running errands around town with husband. with fountain cherry cokes. stopping to get new plants for my cubicle. they make my work days happier. trying out new beds (we are in the market for a new one, any suggestions??). afternoon naps. pita bread and tzatziki dip. celebrating birthdays with great friends. sushi and beer. music video countdowns and cupcakes. family snuggles in bed. wrapping G up like an enchilada. a lot of laundry and happily getting it all put away. crying about this. spending hours setting up online bill pay (really excited about this). organizing my thoughts (on paper of course). watching One Tree Hill while organizing. fighting off a cold. priming the hen den stairs (ready for paint!). drinking a lot of tea. and generally trying to cram too much into two whole days. 

+ Black Swan was incredible. Go see it.

+ I am going through reading with drawls. I don’t think I realized how much reading I was getting in while unemployed and now I can’t even fit in a chapter.. on the weekend no less! Depressing.

+ Can I just say how frustrated I am with the system in this country sometimes? I'm talking about credit folks. It is so easy to get credit cards, and use them, and buy unnecessary things. But when you actually want to take charge of finances and pay down your credit, it's nearly impossible to find a reputable company to help you do so. Not to mention tons of scammers! Ridiculous. And oh so frustrating. 

+ Work is going great again this week. Fingers crossed that it stays this way... seriously seems too good to be true.

Honestly, what could be better than sushi and Black Swan in the same weekend?