Sunday, January 16, 2011

Great weekend. Oh, great weekend. On Friday night husband and I treated ourselves to a date and it was wonderful. Out for dinner and home for a movie, dessert and bully cuddles in bed. I think we were asleep by 10 o'clock.. it was seriously perfect. On Saturday we went bed shopping, which is extremely exhausting (good thing there are a lot of beds to nap on). I think that we have it narrowed down to two, but boy, it is a hard decision. Stacey and I then enjoyed a girls day; did a little shopping.. we went out for tea and cupcake making supplies (sounds like a good trip, eh?) and stumbled upon a perfect little vintage shop downtown. Hence, my wonderful, wonderful bag above. Our early evening was then spent baking the prettiest cupcakes possibly ever and perfecting our own brew of tea (which is delicious). Next up we watched Cyrus in the hen den. SUCH a great movie! It's awkward, honest and heartfelt. Oh, and funny. Highly recommend! I love Saturday nights hanging out in the hen den more than anything. Every woman should be lucky enough to have their own girly space for girlfriend time. It's the best.

I ended up staying really late, by myself, Saturday night (like 4:30am) watching this movie. It used to be my absolute favorite and since Instant Netflix added it I couldn't resist a re-visit (even though I own it too). Envision a sleeping dog and husband, and me wide awake sobbing uncontrollably at four in the morning. Fun times. Great movie though.

Slept in on Sunday (I really miss this part of unemployment). Spent most of the day cleaning and getting the house put back together. If I didn't have Sundays my house would always be in complete disarray. But I always sneak some OTH in while folding laundry so it works out. And now I'm relaxing.. laundry put away, Golden Globes are on... it's so nice. I even had time to tumble today... that makes for a happy Chelsea. We also tackled a painting project today that we've been wanting to do for quite some time; photos soon.

It's unbelievable that tomorrow is Monday. The weekends go so, so fast. Though I'm excited to see what another work week will bring. Life sure is moving fast these days. Hope your weekend was just as lovely.