ever realized?

Monday, January 24, 2011

…that once you know you are getting something, or upgrading something, or replacing something, that something seems to all of the sudden not be good enough anymore? Instantly, as if overnight, all of the sudden this thing just drives you insane and you can’t live with it for another day. No? Just me?

We seem to be at a crossroads right now for several major things in our life. We are in the market for a new bed (WAY in the market). In fact, we have never purchased a new bed and are currently using a size full mattress that belonged to my grandmother circa 1960s I am sure. It’s pretty torturous. And we are finally in the market for a new one. KING SIZED. PILLOW TOP. Nothing fancy, but basically anything will be considered an upgrade for us right now. But ever since we started looking, every night we just get so pissed off that we have to go to sleep in our current crummy bed. It was fine for years and years and all of the sudden, now that we are going to replace it, we can’t stand it. (Even though I do love it because it was my grandmothers and will be keeping it in our guest room; you get what I’m saying). We can’t believe we have to sleep on it every. stinking. night.  Here’s to hoping that we find our new bed SOON.

Secondly, our phones. Cell phones, that is. Husband has needed a new phone for quite sometime now (he always ends up with my old ones). And while I ADORE my Blackberry, I made the mistake of trying to change it’s housing (read: color) and sort of royally jacked it up. It still works, but the buttons & scrollball are sticky (a major nusense for a regular BB user) and it currently looks like an oreo because I broke so many parts trying to put it back together. Basically my BB is like Humpty Dumpty.  However, all of this seems to conincide with three major events.. our contract at US Cellular is almost over, I was offered a discount off our monthly bill via my new employer if we switch to Verizon, and Verizon (dun dun dun) got the iPhone. So… we may or may not be switching to Verizon and scoring ourselves a couple of iPhones. This is HUGE for me because I love my Blackberry so, so, so very much. But since my current situation would mean purchasing the exact same phone (for the same price as the iPhone at Verizon) it just seems kind of silly. Stacey has the iPhone 4 and I “play” on hers quite regularly and really like it, so that is looming in my head convincing me that this will all be okay. But I just know how much I love my BB so it is a tad scary. But, BACK TO MY POINT, ever since this has become a possibility for us… my current Oreo-looking, buttons sticking, constantly freezing, scratched up BB has been driving me crazy. Every time I pick it up I just get pissy. Stupid, yes? Can I help it, no? Also I am still terrified to leave US Cellular because I love them so. But I told husband that we would be able to face time each other and now he really wants to switch. It doesn’t take a lot to make a man happy. I guess I should just be grateful that he wants to see my face that regularly. 
+ PS, I love you Kate. I’m glad that we are facing the same dilemma and I look forward to your decision -- reading the comments on your post make me want to stick with my Blackberry. Ahhhh!

And lastly, my keyboard at work. Now this part is going to sound snobby (as if the rest of this post already didn’t), but when I started my new job the keyboard in my cubicle was, well… crusty. No other word to describe it. I’m sure that no one even glanced at it, it was the one that was in here and no one really cared. But I almost didn’t even want to touch it because I could see the dust & dirt in between every key. Gross. I cleaned it out, but that did little, so I at least brought in my old one from home. Well this one also was pretty gross.. it had been sitting in our basement with our old desktop computer because we haven’t used it in like 3 years; but at least it was my filth in that keyboard. Regardless, I ordered a snazzy new wireless, clean keyboard on clearance from Dell and it is out for delivery today. But the second after I placed the order for it, I went out of my way to NOT have to use my current keyboard. Every stinking key I hit just pissed me off even more in anticipation of my new one on its merry little way (even though it’s likely that Dell hadn’t even received the order I was pissed off so instantly).

I sure hope that there are other people out there like me. I feel very snobby today. And my lonesome pack of old and tired yellow post-its in my bottom desk drawer would have to agree. Because ever since the pretty new pink ones landed on my desk, the old yellows have been seriously neglected.

Also, it should be noted that my moleskine could be my blog. Honestly. I carry it with me everyday to fill with everyday ramble and most of it ends up on the blog – just cleaner and more neatly organized. Maybe I’ll just start scanning in the pages…