Thursday, July 2, 2009

yes, it is thursday.
+ i am just now filling you in on my weekend.
last weekend that is.
iv'e been busy. really, really busy.
but i did have a good weekend.
after the stress subsided.

i hosted a bridal shower for kathy dear.

her wedding colors are dark + light purple.
so i pretty much stuck to that for decorating.
+ threw in some punches of yellow for fun.

i made this absolutely delicious sangria.
it was a huge hit.

+ made cupcake liner garlands {instructions here}.
they are so darn cute that i might just
hang them somewhere in our house.

we even got an orchid named joaquin.
{he went through a lot with us that joaquin}.

we had pretty flowers in mason jars with some
lemons that made them smell divine.

+ even purple soda.
{you can see me if you look close}.

+ strawberres in champagne.
my favorite.

+ i made kathy a pimp cup for the day.

+ tested how well she knows her groom.

+ she opened lots of presents.

oh yeah, + we ate really good cake.

+ we discovered that G-boy loves to play with tulle.

it was a lovely day + she got some amazing gifts.
{huge thanks to husband + hollie for helping me find everything,
help me set up, + then help me clean up. oh how i love you}.

that same very evening we had a birthday party
at our house for brian's birthday.
there are no pictures of this event {thankfully}
but i guaruntee a good time was had.
lots of beer + really good cake + spiked watermelon + jello shots + bag toss
+ amazing friends + bonfires + beer pong + kitchen dance moves..
all of which resulted in me passing out on a lawn chair in the backyard with stacey.
.good times.

on sunday, after waking up passed out partygoers + cleaning up,
we hit up the beach for a nice relaxing day in the sun + the water.

it was much needed + so very lovely.

i will fill you in later on what i have been up to this week
.. keeping me so very busy.

a lot more photos here.



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous bridal shower. You did a great job!

Diana said...

Great job on the shower! I love the colors you chose !

Brenda Jacobs said...

Chelsea..seriously!! You would be an awesome event planner and photographer!! Beautiful bridal shower and beautiful pics!!

Joi said...

Love the shower. It looked awesome!

Chelsea said...

Thanks everyone. you are too sweet. :)

+ thanks brenda!! i need to start hanging out with you everyday... my self-esteem would just be through the roof! :)