Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the weekend is gone. again.
my sisters stayed with us over the weekend again.
they are a handful, but so worth it.
i am particularly fond of getting ready with hollie
in our teeny bathroom.

+ watching kirby swim in the pool with G.
+ afternoon cuddles.

friday night brought the gang to our house
for drinking games
{cops + robbers is my favorite},
jamming out to styx all night,
+ 1 am showings of across the universe.

on saturday i took photos for a family reunion.
i got some really great shots + am enjoying editing them right now.
+ of course husband is the best helper in the world
{thanks bubby}.

then we met up with aaron+kathy
+ we all went to the field of dreams for the afternoon.
it is such a wonderful place + we had a blast.

i had been there as a child, but it was husband's first time.
he loved it.
+ so did g-boy.

on saturday night we headed to music in the park with friends.
we danced in the park to great tunes,
drank free beer {because aaron always has the hookup}
+ ran into so many great people.

sunday was crazy busy.
{so busy in fact that i just had to check
my twitter to remember what i even did!}
my parents got home from their trip
+ we immediately went to go drop kirby off at camp.
she is gone for a whole week + we are all missing her like crazy.
then mom+i headed out of town for my cousin's baby shower.
it was great to see her + her son-to-be
+ of course all of her amazing gifts!

sunday night i basically collapsed on the couch with husband.
i seriously don't know how i ever got up.
oh, weekend.
i can't wait for you to come again soon.
passing out from complete + utter exhaustion
is only worth it for you.

more photos on my flickr.



Joi said...

Your weekends always sound like so much fun!

I used to have that same shower curtain, too : )