Monday, July 20, 2009

weekend = busy. busy. busy.
{no, that doesn't quite cover it}.
get ready for a long recap.

it all started out with a crazy friday
+ then preceeded from there.
most of the day friday i was at my sister's last day of camp ceremonies.
watching her play cricket, + do cheer dances,
+ receive 'enthusiasm' for her camp spirit of the week
{appropriately enough}.
then i had several important meetings+appointments
that clustered up my afternoon.
some of which just might have some good things
in my future {fingers crossed}.
then i met up with husband + andrew+stacey
for a delicious pancheros dinner
before heading downtown to meet aaron+kathy
+ pretty much everyone else in our city
at the jazz fest
to drink, eat, dance, + chat under the stars.
i was exhausted by this point however
+ spent most of the time catching up with stacey
which was lovely.

we went home early to be up + at it
early the next morning to take family pictures
for tammi + her adorable family.
sneak peek..

the rest of the day is a crazy whirlwind
that i supposedly did in fact live,
even though the pounding migrane in my head
forced me to forget most of it.

by saturday night i felt a little better
+ we decided that a date night was in order.
husband+i headed to olive garden!
we hadn't been there in at least a year
{+ considering this was our favorite place when we first started dating}
we thought a visit was long overdue.
did i mention it was fantastic?
+ the most delectable peach-raspberry iced tea.
then we came home + watched this movie in bed.
followed by about 2 hours of storm chasers on the discovery channel.
it was lovely.

sunday was terrible {in a word} at first.
as soon as i rolled out of bed things went downhill.
started by trying to replace the cd player in my car
{to an old one i had in high school}
because my current one broke.
well to say that we couldn't get to work,
+ there were wires + sparks + cds thrown everywhere,
doesn't even quite cover it.
frustrated, i came inside, + decided i would just forget about it
+ rearrange the cable modem, router, phone lines, etc.
that i've been meaning to do since we now have the laptop
+ want to move our old desktop upstairs.
once again, just. didn't. work.
so now we're without a phone, tv, internet + there's just stuff everywhere.
leave it to good timing though,
we had to leave + meet the adorable katie+kelsey+puppies
at the riverwalk for some picture-taking at 1.
we left the house in disarray + cleared our minds.
had lots of fun with the girls + got some really cute shots of them.
+ of course the puppies too.
sneak peek..

then it was back to pure craziness that only got worse.
i don't even want to explain it all... but just pure craziness,
running all around town, phone ringing off the hook, g got really sick again, etc. etc.
but we figured everything out.
got everything working {with a few minor kinks}.
met my parents for some delicious iced coffee + just relaxed.
then we headed over to my parents house + watched this
+ had a HUGE, amazing family barbeque...
pork loins, finsel's sweet corn on the cob {the best thing on the planet},
au gratin potatoes, + strawberry shortcake {courtesy of my dad}.

it was just what i needed.

then husband, g + i piled into the car + went for a drive.

we cruised down a two-lane highway.
in the middle of nowhere.
with all the windows open.
+ G loving it in the backseat.
watching an amazing sunset.

+ singing our hearts out.
to this song..

+ this one + this one.

it was a completely perfect moment.

+ then we headed over to aaron + kathy's
to watch the new entourage
{read: stare at kevin connolly's aviator-sporting sexiness}

+ tie lots of bows on wedding programs
+ eat some of aaron's mystery ball
{which was amazing}.

the perfect ending to an otherwise frustrating day.
it was just one of those days, you know?
but i am glad that our late night cruise
+ great friends+family brought me back to life.

this weekend also sadly left us once again with a sick, sick doggy.
his allergies just won't let up,
+ almost immediately after he finished all of his meds from the last outbreak,
he was all flared up again.
my poor baby.
so i am spending most of my day today cuddling with him
+ trying to make him feel better.



Kristy said...

My fingers are crossed for you!
there is NO pick-me-up like Paul Newman and Robert Redford on one screen. Pure bliss..

Kristin said...

Your blog makes me smile. :-) Thanks for the introduction to The Temper Trap! I'm going to download that song this week!! AND you make me really want to go "thrifting." Hehehe...

Amy said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! Hope G man gets better soon.

leah @maritalbless said...

Your photos are gorgeous, the strawberry shortcake looks divine and I'm intrigued by the mystery ball!