Saturday, July 25, 2009

i have had a crazy ending to a crazy week.
thursday was a really big day for me.
but i was ready for it.
sadly, i can't really tell you everything.
but part of it was that i had a 2nd interview for a job.
a really, really awesome job.
at a really, really awesome company.
+ several other very-adult things that consumed my thursday.
so afterwards husband+i took my little sister+her friend to the carnival.
+ pretended that we were kids again for all of 6 hours.
it was pretty darn fantastic.

it was just what i needed.
+ i got some amazing photos.
this is a little peek until i find some time to edit all of them.

then on friday...
i got a call from said company asking me to stop into the office.
+ hooray for me, they offered me the job!
i am excited, nervous, anxious, sad, happy, relieved.
i am everything.
+ i start on monday {holy crap}.
i am really going to miss my life of leisure.
+ i am really going to hate leaving my baby G every morning again.
{especially right now since he is still not well}.
but i am so excited that i landed this job.
it is a very big, high pressure job.
but it is at an amazing company that i think i will love.
keep your fingers crossed that it works out for me {please}.

last night husband+i had plans to go to our favorite pizza place.
so it worked out great + we celebrated with our favorite pizza+drinks.
have i mentioned that my husband is the most supportive,
understanding, loving, caring husband in the world?
i am beyond lucky.

today i am getting ready to party it up for kathy's bachelorette party tonight!
{woot woot}.
what a great weekend to celebrate.
what great timing.
+ a huge thank you to everyone out there who kept me going when things got tough.
you guys are flipping awesome.
+ i love you.

happy weekend!



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Julia Goolia said...

yay, congrats chelsea!

Sarah said...

That is such awesome news about the job, congratulations!!

Kristy said...

SO excited for you!! You will totally able to handle everything, because you are a superstar! :) <3

Joi said...

That's great, Chelsea!

Windy City Kelley's said...

Congrats on the new job!