Sunday, July 19, 2009

i forgot to tell you about one of my favorite pieces
that i scored on my thrifting adventures last week.
i stumbled across a beautiful vintage coat rack in the loveliest shade of green
that i knew would be just perfect for our little entryway.

i love that not all of the hooks match.
+ that some are broken.
+ that it just happens to be distressed + worn in the perfect spots.
+ that that lovely green looks amazing on the light brown wall.
{oh yea + the bag on the right is indeed another score}.

we've also made a couple other updates to the house.
mostly finally framing + hanging prints that we have had for some time.
my favorite, favorite print-
framed in one of my antique gold frames {found for 25 cents}
+ looking adorable in the kitchen.

as well as a vintage Guinness poster that we've had for over a year!
but never took the time to pay it justice.
also now residing in our kitchen:

it's amazing how such little things can make you
love a room so much more.



Amy said...

Love all of it! So cute!

Windy City Kelley's said...

Love the bag hooks!