Wednesday, July 8, 2009

can i get a hooray?!
.a brand spankin' new laptop is on it's way to me.

i have mentioned before that our current computer
is taking life pretty hard these days.
i've been backing up my files religiously,
but knew it was going to bite the final bullet soon.
i have dreamed of having a macbook for as long as macbooks existed,
but sadly that just wasn't in the cards for us right now.
for years i wanted our current computer to puke
so that we could add the dear, sweet, wonderful macbook to our family.
but of course, said computer decides to wait + annoy me
by kicking it when i'm currently unemployed.
you see the dilemma?

so after some research + touching + feeling to see what we like,
we have decided to go with the dell inspiron 15 laptop.
i am not a huge dell fan + was ready to be completely rid of them,
so the fact that we are yet again succumbing to their machines says a lot.
but i like the laptop + i think it will work nicely for us
until that fateful day that we can buy a mac.

i did however order our dell in the crisp + lovely alpine white color.
i figured it might as well be the macbooks long, lost cousin, right?


please hurry up fed ex!


Kristy said...

If you end up really liking it, you'll have to send me the specs... I'm a little wary of Dells but you can't beat the price!

Julia Goolia said...

A candy colored Dell is certainly second best to a's pretty! Never give up on the dream of Mr. Mac, though. So worth it!

Diana said...

these are great computers! i've "graded" from a regular 17" laptop (toshiba) to a dell netbook and i take it everywhere with me! i did get a mac pro recently but i'll be honest, i love how light the dell is. i can just pack it in my purse and go! :)