Sunday, July 5, 2009

i love the feeling that i get in the pit of my stomach on the 4th of july...
complete freedom mixed with an overwhelming sense of security + camaraderie.
or maybe it's just the surplus of beer, friends + sparklers.
whatever the reason may be, i love the 4th of july.

we had so much fun this year.
we did everything we could have wanted to do,
+ then some.

partied with great friends.

laid under the fireworks.

took G to farmer's market.

kissed each other.

played with sparklers of course {my favorite}.

watched more fireworks.

went for convertible rides.

admired parts of our city we usually overlook.

rode in cable cars.

petted pretty horses.

had water fights.

+ took turns giving G drinks from the hose.

we ate ice cream.

+ took naps.

we hung out with jaxon.

+ played baseball.

+ football.

+ took breaks with G.

we also...
had three barbeques {yep three}.
browsed little shops full of antiques, books + collectibles.
+ i bought a pretty new bag.

we spent time with our family + friends.
+ appreciated the lucky lives that we lead.

i hope you had a wonderful, wonderful 4th of july.

tons, tons, tons more photos here.



Julia Goolia said...

LOVE the sparkler shots. I so wanted to do some myself but we ran out of time. Oh well, what a great July 4!