Thursday, July 16, 2009

i've been up to some major thrift shopping lately.
in fact, two days entirely devoted to such with my mom.
+ oh boy did we find some goodies.

.a few more books.

.a bunch of the cutest vintage teacups.
.for a special place i am working on.
.for your eyes soon.

.especially the set of these two.
.that are exactly the same as my grandmother used to have.
.i can still remember her sipping her coffee out of these every morning.
.and now i do too.

.a lot of new milk glass.
.every piece is divine.
.i especially love the lamp.
{but will be replacing the shade, however}.

.the sweetest antique bread box.

.a darling blue cake stand.
.that i am basically in love with.

.+ two matching ice cream bowls.
.i never knew how sweet ice cream was
until i ate some out of this perfect bowl.

.two polaroids {$5 each!} + a kodak instamatic.
.all in working, pristine condition.
.+ 2 with their original cases.

.polaroid colorpack II.

.polaroid 50, sun 600.

.kodak instamatic x35f.

.+ a few not-so-new purchases.
.this adorable ring.
.that goes with these shoes.

.this perfect little ceramic cupcake.
.perfect for holding {something that i will think of later}
that has taken residence on my kitchen windowsill.

.finally got my i am not a paper cup.

.+ the piece a la resistance.
.a vintage royal typewriter.
.that still works.
.for $10.

oh how i love treasure hunting.
thanks for the memories mom.


{more here}.


Kristy said...
I am basically obsessed with that typewriter. And the cake stand. And that blue teacup with the built in strainer. Genius

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, I am soooo in love with that cake stand and ice cream bowls! and Im so jealous of those cameras!

jordan said...

wow, i'm drooling over all of your awesome finds! i love everything! please come to canada & thrift shop with me? i never know where to look or what to get.

i lurve the typewriter especially & the ceramic cupcake. toooo cute.

Kristin said...

So fun!! You just made me want to go to an antique shop... like right now! Love your new finds!!

Diana said...

beautiful photos, chelsea!

i love your new additions to your home