Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i'm sure you can imagine why i haven't been around the blogosphere as of late.
my new job has been keeping me pretty preoccupied.
not to mention the hundreds of photos waiting to be edited.
+ so many other things on my list that i won't even bore you with.
my life has been a whirlwind the past week.

i had an amazing weekend.
i was so busy, in fact, that i didn't even have time
to get nervous about starting work on monday.
bachelorette parties + baptisms + birthday parties + family gatherings
occupied our weekend.
i'm hoping to have a recap.
but you probably won't get it until this weekend.
i will try to hurry that up.

work has been good so far.
very overwhelming
but the company + the people are SO amazing.
i know i will be happy there.
this is definitely a step in the right direction for me.
+ it's amazing how different i feel about the past few months now.
i wish i would have known all along this is where i would end up.
but i do now.
+ that's all that matters.
+ that everyday is the start of something beautiful.




mrsleahmaria said...

I'm so far behind on my google reader, but am so glad to hear the news! Congrats girl!

Tales From A Bar Stool said...

That is a wonderful mantra that I am pasting onto my bedroom mirror as I type. Every day is the start of something beautiful.