Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the weekend was amazing and with it came... girls day with my mom & sister; discovering our baby watermelon growing happily in our garden; trips to the library; girls night with stacey; sleepovers with my family; all the windows open in the house; singstar party nights at the house til 4 am; fondue night at home; planting some new bushes in the front yard; yummy chai lattes; homemade salsa; discovering amazing books & movies (will post about soon); & relaxing sunday nights watching true blood & preseason football.

and the week will continue with its goodness... OTH season 7 on dvd; coffee dates with caitlin; walks with my mr.; beginning some major lifestyle changes; yummy, yummy dinners; grilling fincels corn; hanging the laundry outside to dry; making some more necklaces & lots of new tea flavors in my pretty cup.

I hope your week is just as sweet!

xo Chelsea


Natalie said...

I never have time to keep up on OTH (I watch the show obsessively, just can't follow all the "extras") so I'm glad you always report on the blog :)