Sunday, August 8, 2010

this weekend was beautiful.

dirty martinis. (five too many). spending a beautiful night on the back deck with our family. good times at the bar with good friends & surprisingly lots of family. (I'll leave out the feeling really old part). tequila shots. (that part wasn't so beautiful either). road tripping to madison with our fabulous family. the best farmer's market ever. (sadly I didn't really enjoy it... stupid tequila shots). noodles & co & I am feeling alive again! hanging out on state st. stopping at my favorite places... b side recordsthe soap opera and pop deluxe. a stop at michaels frozen custard for obvious reasons. then trader joes, of course. a quick stop at the mall. and some pf changs for dinner! yuuummmmmmmmmy.

saturday night we headed over to aaron & kathy's house for some homemade pico de gallo, lots of catching up & hilarious movies.

sunday tried to be really lame by forcing me to deal with computer issues for most of the day. but eventually a new true blood, homemade chai lattes and bully cuddles won it over.

I love weekends like this.
all is right in the world.

and not to mention coming home with....
.a b-side records tee, finally!
.mumford & sons on vinyl.
.awesome new wooden hairbrush & comb.
.my favorite lip balm.
.two more band shirts.
.TJs loot (wine, sea salt brownies, balsamic vinegar, tea, blue agave, pita crackers...)
.pantone coffee mug in cupcake yellow 607C.
.and a belly full of mu shu chicken.


*still regretting not purchasing that bulldog hand painted illustration at the farmer's market. hopefully that chance will present itself again!

**no pictures yet because I had the lovely diana mini with me & don't have her developed yet. to come!

***sorry if you saw this post twice. blogger was wigging out.

****and jackie I owe you an apology- because once again I ran out of time to see you. [insert sad face]. can we please set a date for an entire weekend together? pretty please. muah.

this might be my favorite new quote. oh, mr. wilde!

xo Chelsea